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Residential Thermography Services

Improper Insulation – Courtesy Infraspection Institute
Improper Insulation – Courtesy Infraspection Institute

Problem – Insulation is hidden behind walls and is difficult to evaluate. This will cause increased heating and cooling bills.
Solution – An IR camera will reveal the cold spots caused by missing or damaged insulation. In the figure above, the IR picture on the right shows that the insulation does not come up to the ceiling. Insulation can be blown into the wall eliminating the problem and saving money.

Problem – Moisture in walls is often not accompanied by visible stains. This moisture can lead to mold which is costly to remediate.
Solution – Moisture in walls causes evaporation which shows up in an IR photograph as a cold spot. Locating and eliminating moister in the wall can prevent mold from forming.

Air Leaks in Kitchen Door
Air Leaks in Kitchen Door Infrared Camera

Air Leaks in Kitchen Door

Problem – Air leaks are difficult to locate and waste energy and money.
Solution – In cold weather, air leaks can be identified in an IR photograph The IR photograph on the right shows air leaks on the bottom and left side of the door. These can be eliminated by a door sweep and a strip of insulation on the door frame.

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