Infrared Inspection

Find problems before they become failures

Infrared Insights provides Infrared (IR) Thermography Inspection services to solve problems for commercial and residential customers. Our services are provided by an Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographer® with a background in mechanical engineering and reliability. We will deliver a clear report which contains the information needed to identify problems, evaluate corrective actions, can provide a baseline for healthy systems.

Based in Connecticut, Infrared Insights can provide same day inspection services in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and the areas in and around New York City, Boston, and Worcester, Mass.

The Value of Infrared (IR) Thermography

IR Thermography is an important predictive maintenance tool. it is cost effective, non-destructive, and can be done without taking equipment out of production.

Problems in mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, steam and structural systems are usually associated with excess heat or cold. By identifying these hot and cold conditions, IR Thermography identifies component problems before they fail. Timely action based on the findings of IR Thermography can save substantial amounts of money and time by preventing failures, downtime, and wasted energy.

Infrared insights can save money and time by identifying:

  • Problems in machinery
  • Problems in electrical wiring
  • Water leaks in flat roofs
  • Air leaks in structures and damage or errors in building insulation
  • Leaks in steam pipes in the air or underground

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